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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sambucus elderberry supplements 

In the United States, around 49 million people catch the flu every year. You’ve probably caught it yourself once or twice just this past year!

We know how miserable it can be when you have the common cold. At best, your eyes are itchy and watery, and you’re sneezing every few minutes. At worst, you’re probably stuck in bed, unable to function at all.

Since we all know that there is no cure for the common cold, we look for ways to boost and strength our immune system. After all, a healthy immune system is the best way to fight off a cold! And what’s the best way to boost one’s immune system? A daily dose of vitamin C, of course!

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to boost your Vitamin C intake, then our Sambucus Elderberry capsules with zinc and vitamin C just might be the supplement for you.


What is Sambucus Elderberry?


The elderberry is the fruit of the Sambucus tree, a flowering plant that belongs to the family Adoxaceae. One of the most popular species is the Sambucus nigra, which is commonly known as the European elderberry. This is the fruit that most people are familiar with, and it is native to Europe. Today, however, it can be found growing around the world.

Most people can easily identify both the flowers and the berries. The flowers, known as elderflowers, are small and come in either a white or cream color. The berries, known as elderberries, grow in small bunches and are either black or blue-black in color.

Elderberries cannot be eaten raw as they are tart and unpleasant to the taste when uncooked. However, they also contain tons of nutrients and vitamins, which is why we have developed an amazing and easy way for you to get all the benefits of elderberries without any of the hassle.


What are the Benefits of Elderberry?

Historically, elderberry has been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Here are the health benefits that you can enjoy with elderberry capsules:

Packed with nutrients

Elderberries are not only loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, but they are also low in calories and sugar! 100 grams of fresh elderberries contain only 73 calories while providing 18.4 grams of carbohydrates.

They also contain:

  • Vitamin C - 100 grams of elderberry fruit contains 6-35 mg of Vitamin C. This means that you’ll be able to consume 60% of your recommended daily intake with just a small amount of berries!
  • Dietary fiber - there are 7 grams of fiber in 100 grams of fresh elderberries. This will account for ¼ of your recommended daily intake.
  • Flavonols - elderberries contain antioxidants such as kaempferol, quercetin, and isorhamnetin. These flavonols are known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies.
  • Phenolic acids - another group of powerful antioxidants, are known to fight free-radicals and decrease their damaging effects.
  • Anthocyanins - these compounds are what give elderberries their distinctive dark-purple color. They are also powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce the risk of diseases such as gout and chronic pain.

Good for the Heart

Studies have shown that elderberries reduce cholesterol in the blood, which leads to a lower risk of heart disease. They can also help lower blood pressure.

Aside from lowering the fat levels in the blood, elderberry consumption has also been shown to decrease the amount of uric acid in the body. Elevated amounts of uric acid not only lead to gout, but can also lead to an increased risk of developing heart conditions.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that elderberries increase insulin secretion, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels. If you are suffering from type-2 diabetes or your family has a history of developing type-2 diabetes, taking elderberry supplements can help prevent this condition from becoming a significant health risk.

The main mechanism for this might be that elderberries can inhibit your body’s production of the α-glucosidase enzyme. This in turn will help lower blood sugar levels.

Our Sambucus Elderberry Capsules

Here’s the thing: it’s not always possible to get fresh elderberries, and most elderberry products such as jams or preserves have high levels of sugar to make the fruit palatable.

So, how do you get all the benefits of elderberries without consuming all that extra sugar?

Look no further than our sambucus elderberry capsules!

Immune Boost

Our capsules are all-natural, vegan, and is 100% free from any GMO products. They are proudly made in the USA, and comply with the strictest cGMP regulations. We guarantee that our capsules are certified by a third-party laboratory that tests for purity and quality.

With just one capsule per day, you will enjoy all the benefits of consuming 100 grams of fresh elderberries in one easy-to-take form. We’ve also added zinc to our formulation to help promote a healthy immune system, younger-looking skin, and stronger muscle tissue.


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